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The Ultimate 3-Step Game Plan: How To Transform a Blank T-Shirt into a Masterpiece. No Cutting Machine Required! Google Link Included.

The Ultimate 3-Step Game Plan: How To Transform a Blank T-Shirt into a Masterpiece. No Cutting Machine Required! Google Link Included.

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Please read entire description before purchasing. In order to view this course, their will be a Google Link that will force you to download the content.

Turn your passion into income with our step-by-step T-Shirt Business course. Our blueprint teaches you the ultimate 3 ingredients for transforming blank t-shirts into stunning masterpieces in less than five minutes, with tshirts being the first ingredient, all without a cutting machine. Whether you're just starting or looking to grow your business, this course will provide the tools you need to reach your goals and soar to new heights. Don't wait, join the T-Shirt Business community today and turn your ideas into income!

Here is a Snippet of What You Will Learn In This Self Paced Course:
You will learn the three steps that you need to take to start your journey or grow your existing business.
You will learn how to target your audience.
How to Market Your Products for Sales
I will give added Gems to use throughout the course.
I will teach you how to know your competition
I will teach you how to price and PROFIT!
Packaging and Branding
Additional Supplies for Your Business
Discuss Creating Your Own Designs (This is only if you want design experience is needed)
Designing in Canva, plus a video
Font Pairings
How to Create Mock Ups to display your products
And so Much More!

Please note: While the course provides the basic skills and knowledge to start a t-shirt business, success is not guaranteed and results may vary. This course helps you get started making t-shirts, and in doing that you can start a successful business or side hustle. You could also just be a person who loves crafting and want to make shirts for friends and family! This course is for you.

This is a digital product! You will not receive a physical product. You cannot copy, resell, or alter my content in any way.

You will get a Google Link. The Google Link will force you to download the course to your computer. It will say, "file to big" then the download button will appear. It will also tell you that the file is too big to scan, and will ask you to trust the content and open anyway. If you don't select open anyway, the file will not open.

You have to download the PDF for the links to work. If you are in present mode, the links may not work. Contact me with any issues before leaving a bad review. I will do everything I can to make you a satisfied customer within reason. Once you open the Google Link, DOWNLOAD THE COURSE. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE COURSE.

If you are having any troubles or concerns, please contact me first to resolve them. My only wish is for you to have an excellent experience. I will help you, please don't leave a bad review.
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