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What's up Lit Bosses!

I'm Dee - a Mom, a Wife, and a Hustleprenuer who dares to dream big and lives for adventure! Let me take you back to the start of my exhilarating craft journey.

It all began in 2015 when my son graduated high school, and I wanted to celebrate the milestone with custom tees for my large and lively family. But oh boy, the quotes I received for those personalized shirts were through the roof, surpassing even my car payment! That's when I thought, "No way! I can do this myself!"

So, with an unwavering determination, I dived headfirst into research, eager to unlock the secrets of making my own unique tees. And guess what? The heavens smiled upon me, revealing the magical Cricut Machine! It was like destiny calling me to embrace this thrilling new path.

From that moment on, my craft journey was nothing short of a wild ride! I unleashed my creative beast, crafting dazzling SVGs and PNGs that could bring a spark of joy to any crafter's heart.

But I didn't stop there! Oh no, that wasn't enough. My daring spirit urged me to create exhilarating courses, sharing the art and magic of crafting with fellow enthusiasts. I knew that together, we could conquer any crafting challenge that came our way.

When I'm not busy being a superhero Mom and devoted Wife, you'll find me fearlessly chasing my visions, bringing my creative ideas to life. My energy knows no bounds, and I'm always ready to tackle new and exciting projects.

So, if you're ready to join my tribe of "Bosses" and embark on a thrilling crafting adventure, buckle up! Together, we'll take the crafting world by storm, one SVG and one course at a time! So, hop on board and let's unleash our creativity like never before!

  • Canva to Etsy: Design, List & Sell Course

    I was shopping during prime and I wanted to start an Etsy for digitals. I set up my storefront but stopped because the listing part made no sense. I saw this course and I was like I am going to take a chance. There are no chances needed because she ate this course up. She has to be a professor or an educator of some sort. She made it fun, she was truthful and she did exactly what she said. She showed me things in Canva which I had no idea about and she showed me how to upload my products to Etsy! The information is invaluable and what she is charging for this course is insane. I watched all three hours. She has a lifelong customer and I am def getting the Tshirt MasterClass next to add to my Etsy Shop. As a customer, I hate to say this, but this course is worth so much more than she is charging.

    5 out of 5 stars Listing review by -Sametra

  • I knew it! I was like okay let me take another chance and the wealth of information is unfathomable. She gives you every link to videos she used, how to setup your website videos, she gives tells you what to order, how to order, how to get your supplies on easy pay and over three ways to make tshirts! She basically did all the searching and put it in one spot. It's over 80 slides of information. I am taking my time but yes, buy the course. If you want to start your own business and try to figure out what you need, or if you just want to get started then this is it. One vendor I had no idea about and I bought my machine on easy pay using the vendor she gave and my machine is on its way. One payment and they send the item to you, then take your money monthly.

    5 out of 5 stars Listing review by Shuntae

  • I am on cloud nine right now. I wanted to start up my t-shirt biz while I learned to use my Cameo. I knew there was an easier way, but nobody would tell me. I was wondering how everyone made all of these cool shirts. Well, Coach Dee tells you. Then she shows you how to make a freaking profit. She is real, and she let me know from the get-go that she was making this video from home and she might have some technical issues, which we can fast forward through. She gives you what you paid for..greatness. If you only know how to make shirts using a Cricut or Cameo, OMG, buy this course. TBH, just her showing you how to make a profit and how to make a social media post to sell your item is well worth it. The vendor she gives is real! I just ordered. I was skeptical, but not anymore! I will be buying more courses from you.

    5 out of 5 stars Listing review by Kandy