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Sublimation Done For You Reseller's Self-Paced Course

Sublimation Done For You Reseller's Self-Paced Course

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Are you ready to learn how to sublimate? Or, maybe you are a beginner and need everything in one place. Or, are you in search of a digital product that you can take and make your own? This course is just for you! Not only can you learn how to sublimate, but you can take this course and sell it as your own! That is right, you heard me correctly. You can purchase this course, download it, change my picture, upload it to your website and sell it. So, not only are you getting a whole course that you can learn from, or use in your group to teach, you can make money by selling it as your own!

Are you kidding me? I literally did all of the research, took the videos, links and gave you everything you needed, put it in one convenient place, and all you have to do is buy it, learn from it if you are a newbie, or just buy it and sell it if you are wanting a digital product.

In this course you will get the following:

46 awesome slides of information to learn how to sublimate

Vendors on where to buy your equipment and sublimation blanks

Videos that I used and updated videos of sublimating from start to finish

What sublimation is

What printers are the best to buy

Time and Temp Chart

Printing Profile Settings

Different Types of Inks & Paper to buy

Software programs to use! Download Silhouette Studio For Free

HTV/Sublimation Placement Chart

How to use social media to drive your decisions when making this a business

How to manage your time

Pricing Sheet and so much more.

Not only can you learn to sublimate, but you can also start a small business. I start you off with what you need to get started. Or, if you are just looking for a way to make some extra cash by selling my course as your own, go for it! This is a great way to rake in the dough by having a digital product.

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form guaranteeing you any type of monetary value. What I am telling you is, this course can be marketed and sold as your own. You have to put forth the effort. I am also not telling you anything that you cannot research yourself. What I did was do all the work for you, put it in one place, and give you the ability to learn if you are a newbie and resell, or if you are a master, you can resell it and use it in your group as a teaching piece and charge for classes.

Please download the course for links to work.
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