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Passive Income: How To Create SVGs Using Canva Pro Online Self-Paced Course

Passive Income: How To Create SVGs Using Canva Pro Online Self-Paced Course

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If you are wanting to make money in your sleep, then this course is for you. I show you how to create a simple SVG/PNG using Canva Pro. Attached you will find three ways to watch the video that I created. You can follow along or watch, then do your magic. All you need to get started is Canva Pro and YOU! You are the creator. Take your business to a whole different level. Once you start creating, it will be hard to stop. When you start to create your own SVGs, you can easily turn those into passive income. You can sell your SVGs on your websites or ETSY. In this course, I show you the basics. Once you learn the basics, you will then go to a whole different level. Making money in your sleep is possible, I know because I make money in my sleep, LITERALLY!

When you get the file, there will be three different ways to watch the video. Choose which one works best for you. You cannot sell my product as your own no matter how you try to change it. Videos may be slow to load especially if you are on an IPAD. Please be patient as the file is big.

You have to download the PDF in order for the links to work. Once Etsy sends you your downloads, download the file and the links become live.


Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form guaranteeing you any type of monetary value. What I am telling you is that digital products are very hot on the market and there is money to be made.
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