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Done For You Tshirt Master Course Two In One Digital Product: Learn How to start a tshirt business and resell as your own digital product!

Done For You Tshirt Master Course Two In One Digital Product: Learn How to start a tshirt business and resell as your own digital product!

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Please read everything before purchasing. This is a two-in-one course! You are in for a treat.

Are you ready to become a T-Shirt Boss?
This is the course for you. Are you ready to make $500 or more per month?
Did you know that you really don't need a cutting machine if you use method 3?!

Are you already a boss, but you are looking to add passive income and make money while you sleep? Then, buy this course.

I have included EVERYTHING you need to start your own t-shirt business, plus you can RESELL this as your very own digital product when you are ready! All you have to do is edit and make it your own, or sell it as is.

I have included 80+ slides, giving you the keys to a successful business.
There will be nothing you need to do but start your business.
When I say everything is included, I do mean everything including suppliers!!!!

This course has been completely updated! I literally give you the sauce!

THIS COURSE IS FOR BEGINNERS or for those of you that are already a t-shirt boss but need a digital product to increase your income.

I have done all the research work for you. No need to spend
countless hours trying to figure it out.

You will get two links: One link is for the newbies that want to learn and start their t-shirt business.
The second link is for those of you that are ready to sell the product as your
own and use it for your digital product. You can make edits in Canva.
Everything you need to resell the course is included.

Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form guaranteeing you any type of monetary value. You have to put forth the effort. I am also not telling you anything that you cannot research yourself. You are paying for the convenience. You know the saying, "time is money", so you can go start making the money without wasting your time researching and group hopping.

I have executed a t-shirt done-for-you course that shows you three ways to make and sell T-shirts. Using Method three, you need fewer supplies and your profit margins are higher, and you can make money quickly.
If you want to start learning and selling t-shirts but don’t know where to start or have the time to search, this done-for-you course is for you! The convenience alone is worth the money.

Your done-for-you course will include:
✅ Course slides with everything you need
✅ Videos that I used for methods one and two
✅ The different materials used for method one
and a breakdown of each type of material
✅ Vendors for materials for each method presented
✅ How to get your equipment home using flex pay, or easy pay.
✅ Explanations of each method. Detailed!
✅ How to find center and placement for t-shirts
✅ The different types of shirts that I use
✅ A video of me making a shirt start to finish using Method 3
✅ Videos for pretty much everything shown in the course.
✅ The differences between an SVG and PNG
✅ Websites to use for your mockups
✅ Website setup using the exact videos I used
✅ A group to join for continued support!
✅ Plus two free bonuses!

If you already make shirts and know everything about making shirts and you are NOT looking for a digital product, this course is not for you. This course is for beginners, or for Bosses that need a digital product and want to resell this course as their own.

This is a self-paced course and you will be able to join my FB group using the password provided.
This is a digital product!!!
You will not receive any physical items.
No equipment or supplies are included, just the course itself with all the slides.
No refunds are available.

You are responsible for making your business legal. I did not include anything about legalities. Please contact your CPA for how to set up the legal side.

You may have to download the free version of Canva! It is free, I promise. You can go to to create an account.

Note: You must download the course in order for links to work.
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